Noize From A Dark Room

by Noizybrain

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fuvk catchy and introspective, a collection of bleeding poetry blanketed in comforting melodies Favorite track: Pelagic.
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released October 21, 2015

artwork is by Corey Beasom
drums played by Felix Nicholson, he also wrote the drum part for Pelagic
bass on Pelagic, Antisocial, and UFO played by Matt Pitts
piano played by Molly Pope
bg vocals on UFO by David Estes-Smargiassi
he also gave me a lot of helpful feedback on the mixing and composition!
last note on the guitar melody in UFO played by Obdule Ware... I dunno if you remember that haha



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Noizybrain Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Havin' Fun
we've made a lifestyle of flying near the sun
i wouldn't risk it if it wasn't so much fun
i miss the starving daylight out of you
but i don't wanna be your fool

been taking notes and tryna keep it clean
but lately i've been feeling like a freak
i crave the sweet delusion of control
but i don't fit into that role

when you look at me i'm splitting into two
it's probably natural to not know what to do
just let the indecision run it's course
or is it from some other source?

what's your reaction faced with certain doom?
hey don't ask me i don't know what to do
we lost our postage sending to the moon
this lucky photon splitting into two
Track Name: Name
this pain is so strange
i wish this feeling had a name
i walked down to your apartment
we were dancing for the rain
and our laughter gets louder
when we make another game
there's some comfort in silence
but endless chatter in the brain

you're in love with the moment
it's love by any other name
yeah our hearts are just organs
pumping blood through our veins
and a mouth like a desert
is it worth it for the fame?
well i'd love to be in love
but it just wouldn't be the same

i'll hold my breath and count to three
then keep in held til i'm dizzy
need strength of mind to carry me
to catch this dream won't come for free

this pain is so strange
i wish this feeling had a name
it's at the tip of my tongue
it's at the top of my lungs
and i could spend all day screaming
and i guess that would be fun
oh how i'd love to be in love
but it just wouldn't be the same
Track Name: Pelagic
feeble light in the shadows
who can you see?
i've found nothing but strangers
and that's all i could be
most matter is darkness or invisible to me
candle lost in the cosmos with fissioning glow
do you ever get lonely
do you ever feel at home?

started marking the time past with lines in the sand
now it's crossing the border to travel the land
but at least we can count up the rotations we've had
and now we keep warm in that fabric we've sown
do you ever get lonely
do you ever feel at home?

i've borrowed my time here i'm living on a loan

i am a stone that would sink into pelagic zone
Track Name: Skin
there's something in the water
that makes me drink again
and when i see poor father
i only see his skin
we be the flesh and blood of
some branches thick and thin
the underground may swallow
and wake some voice within

i know his son who drowned in
a lake of ancient tar
if they'd only known that baby
was left inside the car
16 or 5 years later
he stumbles out the bar
and when he sings this song
he is breaking his guitar

you left me with a mountain
of spacious disregard
he could not keep from eating
digesting it proved hard
Track Name: Antisocial
i'm tired out
not having fun
there's something missing in my blood
and when i won
it wasn't much
there's something missing in my touch
Track Name: UFO
if all my friends could live in outerspace
we could have fun and stay up real late
there's something out there
slick and spinning lights
there's something out there
putting up a fight

the thought itself is bringing ecstasy
oh can they cure me of this foul disease?
there's something out there
why won't they reply?
there's something out there
hiding in the sky

and if i ever reach that latitude
i wonder if i'd owe it all to you
there's something out there
i'm not feeling right
i love the way you tuck me in so tight